Hogwarts Is Ours

By: Linda M. Crate harry potterconnected me to people i may nothave otherwise met for that i will be grateful all the rps, all the future rps possibly;the conversations and the jokes,all the fanfictions and fan theories every shade between— hogwarts is ours,as is the magic; we’ve outgrown rowling and her prejudices and her hatred and… Continue Reading →

We Were More Than Ghosts

By: Linda M. Crate we’re just ghostsonce we knew each othernow we just wisheach other a happy birthdayon facebook,and i used to mournthe loss of everything we had;used to talk for hourschildhood youth twined us tightas the golden rods dancingin the field—childhood innocence and growing pains,and everything between;you were always so strongand so bravei admired… Continue Reading →

Jealous of My Wings

By: Linda M. Crate “you’re not as pureas the driven white snow.” didn’t realizethat being humanwas a purity test,yes,i am far from perfect; but at least i admitmy mistakes and flaws— you were a devilwho insisted he were an angel,trying to inhibit my flightbecause you were jealousof my wings. Linda M. Crate’s works have been published in… Continue Reading →

In Rotation

By: Zach Murphy Aria caught the city bus as the sky donned a pinkish glow before the day’s final gasp. Her daughter Millie sat on her lap, gripping her wrinkled hospital scrubs — the ones with the cat patterns on them. Millie had entered that age where she often asked all the difficult questions of… Continue Reading →

The way the sun shifts slowly

By: Haley Schirber The way the sun shifts slowly.  Alters the light.  These moments big and small will make you feel the might.  Though just as shade grows gently, swallowing the light these hatreds that you harbor must now be brought to sight. The sea of fear keeps rising and with it comes our plight… Continue Reading →

Dying Pain

By: Tremaine L. Loadholt She sat, rubbing her leg. The ache in her thigh had gotten worse. She took out the prescribed pain medicine and looked at it.  “Oxycontin.” She popped two pills onto her salty tongue and gulped down a glass of water.  All the pills in the world would never heal her pain…. Continue Reading →

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