Welcome to Pint Sized Lit, a place for flash fiction and poetry in less than 750 words.

We appreciate the powerful thoughts, emotions and imagery packed into flash fiction and poetry. Pint Sized Lit is a place that celebrates the small but mighty nature of these pieces.

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Hogwarts Is Ours

By: Linda M. Crate harry potterconnected me to people i may nothave otherwise met for that i will be grateful all the rps, all the future rps possibly;the conversations and the jokes,all the fanfictions and fan theories every shade between— hogwarts is ours,as is the magic; we’ve outgrown rowling and her prejudices and her hatred and… Continue Reading →

We Were More Than Ghosts

By: Linda M. Crate we’re just ghostsonce we knew each othernow we just wisheach other a happy birthdayon facebook,and i used to mournthe loss of everything we had;used to talk for hourschildhood youth twined us tightas the golden rods dancingin the field—childhood innocence and growing pains,and everything between;you were always so strongand so bravei admired… Continue Reading →

Jealous of My Wings

By: Linda M. Crate “you’re not as pureas the driven white snow.” didn’t realizethat being humanwas a purity test,yes,i am far from perfect; but at least i admitmy mistakes and flaws— you were a devilwho insisted he were an angel,trying to inhibit my flightbecause you were jealousof my wings. Linda M. Crate’s works have been published in… Continue Reading →

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